Miley Cyrus Bike Ride With Her Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth Photos

miley-cyrus-bike-ride-with-her-boyfriend-liam-hemsworth-photosThe teenager singer Miley Cyrus, 17, was snapped with actor Liam Hemsworth going for a spin round her neighborhood in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

With all miley on-stage raunch of late, it’s easy to forget that Miley Cyrus is actually a teenager.And a pretty normal, down-to-earth one at that as she did what any ordinary girl would do yesterday and went for a romantic bike ride with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Liam casual attire was a far cry from the sexy, skimpy outfits she has flaunted on stage recently.Instead, a make-up free Miley looked every inch the teenager in her Converse sneakers, denim shorts, white vest and black cardigan.

Miley Cyrus looked like she was enjoying her Sunday off as she whizzed through the streets on her white and green bike.

She was closely followed by Liam Hemsworth 20, who also looked as though he was enjoying himself.

t one point along their journey, the stopped at a house maybe to say hello to some friends but there didn’t appear to be anyone home

See Miley Cyrus Bike Ride photos :

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