Justin Bieber Hates North Korea – Rumors

justin-bieber-hates-north-korea-rumors“Justin Bieber hates North Korea and Koreans,” rumor spreading around. We confirm that Justin Bieber does not hate the Koreans and North Korea.

A bunch of losers, collectively called 4Chan, with no time on their hands started an Internet campaign to send Justin Bieber to North Korea, a country that blocks Internet access and blocks outside media.

The group had previously tried to start an Internet rumor that the Biebler had syphilis. When the singer asked via Twitter for fans to vote on where he should stop on his tour, 4Chan went bonkers for Bieber.

As of 1 a.m. eastern time on July 7, North Korea had 659,141 votes, followed by Israel at 624,803 votes.

Anyhoo, Justin Bieber does not hate North Koreans. He also doesn’t have syphilis.

However he did get Megan Fox to say this about him:

“He’s got more talent in those bangs than I’ve got in my whole body.”

Now, we all know that Justin Bieber or even any other star will never go on tour to North Korea. Huh, we know why! As a result, since the last few hours, rumors that Justin Bieber dislikes the North Koreans have started to spread across the net. Well, Justin…whatever is in himself a….so whatever! With all the previous rumors about him (contracted syphillis), this new rumor is not so surprising.

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