Ebaums Responsible for Justine Bieber Attacks

ebaums-responsible-for-justine-bieber-attacksEbaums responsible for Bieber attacks – If you are a Justin Bieber fan, then you may know that someone hacked Youtube recently so all Justin Bieber videos would redirect users to other videos, like the infamous “One Man One Jar” video, while other triggered messages. It seems Ebaums is responsible for Bieber attacks!

How did they do that? Apparently they used malformed HTML to get past the Youtube filters in the comments section of the page. Ebaums found a HTML injection vulnerability in the comment system of the popular video site. Some comments have been found to begin with a script tag,

Youtube took the matter into hands and finally disabled all comments that were using such HTML vulnerability. This is the statement released by Google:

“We took swift action to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on youtube.com that was discovered several hours ago. Comments were temporarily hidden by default within an hour, and we released a complete fix for the issue in about two hours. We’re continuing to study the vulnerability to help prevent similar issues in the future.”

BBC News America reported:

Ebaums Responsible For Bieber Attacks:Well, it’s completely nuts. I have in mind? Paparazzi was there first, and we have pictures to prove it. Woot! Yes, more evidence that this is the biggest site on the Internet. Prior to the second news and information. Wham, BAM, thank you ma’am. Full text here. Yes, even that part.

There are many people who write about Ebaums responsibility for the attack Bieber, but we have a real story here. As usual, SuperTrender lead pack. No, you’re not drunk. This really happened. Ebaums provide Bieber transaction AttacksRaw.

So really, why all care about Ebaums responsibility for the attack Bieber? Our source at the local police station said, “is one of the real deal. Ebaums responsibility for attacks against Bieber. Uh-huh.” If you’d asked me a week ago if I though I would be seeing Ebaums Bieber responsible for attacks in the headlines, I would tell you that this is crazy, then

I would have punched in the head. I still want to, but am going to save him the wrong time, for example, when you’re in the bathroom. Someday I’ll tell my grandchildren: “You think you have a problem, at least, do not have to deal with Ebaums responsibility for the attack Bieber.” Yes, we have already understood this, and you are not going to like it. Look at this: Ebaums responsibility for the attack Bieber!

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