Justin Bieber Gender Change Operation & Justin Bieber i m gay! – Hoax Youtube Video

justin-bieber-gender-change-operation-justin-bieber-i-m-gay-hoax-youtube-videoJustin Bieber gender change operation and Justin Bieber i m gay!, latest rumors spreading on the internet. Now it’s hot searching in Google hot trends. Don’t be crazy about Justin Bieber gender change operation and Justin Bieber i m gay!, because it’s just a hoax.

John Scott, reporters of livestreetjournal, reported that: Oh, he’s not having any gender change operation, for God’s sake. I can’t understand why is this Justin Bieber, who is just a kiddo after all being so hoaxed every day. There’s almost no day on Earth with trends not containing his name. If all the hoaxes about him were true, he would be either dead or he would look like a thriller reject.

So what’s next ? He could modify his DNA and morph into an elephant , I think that would do great news.

Haters and fans, haters being the ones that launch the rumors and fans the ones that follow them. I’m disgusted, please stop this nonsense. In the meantime that kid could be dying of love excess from his fans, we should write a story about that. My coffee is cold and I can’t stand here and reflect on Justin Bieber. C’ya later, stay tunned for more Bieberumors.

Watch Justin Bieber – I am Gay 2010 Youtube Video:

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