Britney Spears Bad Hair Day Again Photos or Pictures Gallery

britney-spears-has-a-bad-hair-day-again-photos-pictures-galleryAgain Britney Spears has celebrate a Bad Hair Day, because her hair is going to damage, which you can see in this picture your top and left. There are some Britney Spears “Bad Hair” pictures and how to effects this problem in her had photos.

Britney Spears did it and yet it again! The style-challenged star and singer when went shopping in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday looking as if she had just crawled out from under a bush and her extreme bed head problem revealed matted hair extensions surrounding a bizarre dark patch topped off with spiky dreads of her natural hair.

According to, The ‘Circus’ singer Britney Spears has a track record of spatting for her hair stylists. She got the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2007 for her hair style, but her erratic behavior upset celebrities world about her hair.

I think we can tell her that she just got out of bed and didn’t brush it (Bad Hair) and She needs to start taking care of her hair as soon as possible.

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