Oregon Unemployment – Congress Extends Unemployment Benefit

oregon-unemployment-congress-extends-unemployment-benefitAbout one hundred ten thousand people of Oregon will benefit from an unemployment compensation program signed into law by President Barack Obama. The new law brings $350 to $400 million to Oregon.

The Oregon Employment Office says more than 4,300 people in Jackson County, 2,000 in Josephine County and 1,300 in Klamath County qualify for unemployment and will receive the extension help.

Governor Ted Kulongoski appreciated this new federal program and said, “Action taken by Congress today will help ensure that thousands of Oregonians will continue to receive unemployment benefits as they continue to seek employment. Oregon is still weathering a very difficult economic time and many people rely on these benefits to put food on the table and keep shelter over their heads. I look forward to the President signing this bill into law.”

The Oregon Employment Department reports that claimants do not need to take any action as department staff will move Oregonians. Traffic to the unemployment insurance call centers is high because of oregonians interest in this new law. People of oregon can always inquire as to the status of their claim by going to www.WorkingInOregon.org/ocs.

Regular Benefits 30,000 These individuals are collecting 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits. Once they have exhausted those benefits they will have up to 53 weeks of EUC available.
Extended Benefits 19,000 Those receiving EB will move to EUC automatically.
Current EUC 58,000 Those currently receiving EUC will be able to move to the next tier of benefits until they have exhausted all four tiers.
No benefits 2,000 Some Oregonians have a claim too old to qualify for Extended Benefits and so have not been receiving any unemployment. They will now begin receiving EUC.
Total 109,000

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