Hollywood Stars Declare War On Social Networking Sites

hollywood-stars-have-declared-war-on-social-networking-sitesHollywood stars have declared the war on social networking sites. Including George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore, have urged children not to use social networking sites because of the dangers. The stars have warned that dangers being posed by paedophiles and other criminals on chat sites are now too dangerous also for Kids to become involved.

Miley Cyrus, a well known child-star entertainer, said sites such as Facebook, which has just registered its 500 millionth member, are a threat to children.

Miley Cyrus claim came after a girl of 13 was kidnapped by a 48-year-old man in California who lured her into meeting him while on a “date” online.

she also said that: “I’m urging kids, don’t go on the Internet. It’s not fun; it’s dangerous.”

George Clooney 48, was furious after so-called “fans” posted a bogus page on Facebook in his name.

The Daily Express quoted George Clooney saying: “I’d rather have a prostate exam on live TV given by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.”

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