Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-wife Sherra Wright Threatened at Home by 3 Men

lorenzen-wrightLorenzen Wright ex-wife “Sherra Robinson Wright” has threatened at home by three man, who were carrying guns and looking for the former NBA player about 6 weeks before he was killed, the woman’s attorney said Friday.

Accordimg to lawyer Mathes, Sherra Wright warned her ex-husband (Lorenzen Wright), the father of her children, about the visit by men dressed in sport coats with weapons tucked in their waistbands.

Sherra has defended herself by saying she kept quiet about this because, she has feared for her life and those of her kids and she only told police about this threats on Monday, July 26.

But Sherra Wright has frightened by their threats and did not tell authorities about them until Monday, when she has alerted police in the Memphis suburb of Collierville, near her home.

Lawyer Mathes said, “She was told that if she said anything she would be killed, or her children, Mrs. Wright was terrified.”

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