Unemployment Benefits Extension Become Another Waiting Game To Get Paid For Few States

unemployment-benefits-extension-become-another-waiting-game-to-get-paid-for-few-statesThe unemployment benefits extension is going through a long term process and become another waiting game of getting paid for few states. Now this time the unemployed wait for the money they owed to them through this recent bill. Each of the states has its own pace to release the money and this is the first time that it is not about politics, but only a outdated systems of the state.

The states which asked the unemployed to continue for signing up for the benefits when the unemployment extension benefits was at a stalemate in Congress will most likely that some of the computers used for the unemployment benefit program are old, in fact that the average age of these computers is more than 22 years old. The states having the older computers have called in computer programmers to get the accounts back up to date. People may see these checks before the end of this week.

The California where people working through the weekend to get unemployment benefits out as soon as possible. Accordingly to the (www.edd.ca.gov) website. They will be working on getting the retro checks out, which will be paid in two week increments instead of lump sum.

The emergency unemployment compensation benefits will be available for those people who have exhausted regular unemployment compensation under state law. Those who are potentially eligible will receive a letter from the state

The Unemployment compensation programs are run by each individual state so there is no information across the board to be given about when to expect a retro check or weekly compensation check. It is not politics holding up the payment this time, just some out dated accounting systems.

State of Connecticut will not have their updated unemployment check process posted online until, so their is no estimated arrival time for this state. Because of each state is different, you need to look at your state for their unemployment extension benefits check processing dates.

People are still losing the jobs as the economy despite tall claims will take years to reach any level of normalcy. For such people this is a great source of comfort.

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