Lorenzen Wright Ex-wife Sherra Wright Home Searched by Police

lorenzen-wright-ex-wife-sherra-wright-home-searched-by-policeFormer NBA player Lorenzen Wright ex-wife Sherra Wright home searched by police on Sunday. Because reports said that, she was connected to the death of her ex-husband.

On July 28, Lorenzen Wright was found riddled with bullets in Memphis. He was reported missing by his mother on July 22. His ex-wife Sherra Wright is the last known person to have seen him alive. She told police he left her house around midnight on July 18.

Memphis police investigators searched both inside and outside of Sherra Wright’s home, including looking extensively at a grill and fire pit in the backyard, the report said.

Neighbors told police they had seen a large fire in the backyard following Wright’s disappearance, believing such an occurrence to be unusual, particularly since it was on one of the hottest nights of the year.

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