Blackberry Block In UAE and Saudi Arabia

blackberry-block-in-uae-and-saudi-arabiaBlackberry Block In UAE and Saudi Arabia block in sunday,It’s often said that globalisation highlights the fault lines of clashing cultures, but technology seems to be leading the charge with reports that the DUBAI, United Arab Emirates plan to block BlackBerry e-mail, messaging and Web browsing services. The UAE says its ban, which starts in October, is in response to potential security threats from crime and terrorism because the messages being sent can’t be monitored or controlled.

On the face of it, you would have to say that this is likely to create demand for other smart phones like Acer, Samsung, HTC, especially the Apple iPhone.

But as Joseph Menn writes in the Financial Times, it shows how borderless technologies are creating culture clashes.

Other examples of that include Google’s problems in China and moves to ban Facebook in Pakistan after it ran sacrilegious material including a contest named “Everybody Burn Koran Day”.

No doubt, Blackberry maker Research in Motion will seek some sort of settlement. One assumes that the UAE government set the October deadline to give it plenty of time to reach a deal.

But these cases highlight the tensions that can blow up, and why western companies need to be more careful in global markets. As technologies become increasingly borderless, we can expect to see more of these clashes.

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