Brad Pitt New Nickname “Mr. Mom”

brad-pitt-new-nickname-mr-momDespite the disturbness tidbits of Andrew Morton’s controversial biography about Angelina Jolie has been reveled. He wrote in an popular magazine that, Brad Pitt new nickname is “Mr. Mom.”

“He calls himself Mr. Mom,” Andrew Morton wrote.

Angelina Jolie used Maddox, now 8, to “bait” Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, author said. “He’s a great caregiver, this Brad Pitt,” Morton said today on Fox & Friends.

Andrew Morton explains: “Well, it’s kind of playing happy family. He’s a great caregiver, this Brad Pitt…. So here’s Maddox, this cute little kid, playing around and it draws somebody in. And in all fairness, friends of Angelina, all said it was Brad that made the [pass] in that relationship.” But Jolie wasn’t completely off the hook: “Psychologically, she makes men almost compromise themselves to cheat on their girlfriends, or cheat on their wives in order to be with her. “The only man that’s never rejected her is Maddox,” Morton said.

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