Lorenzen Wright Ex-Wife Sherra Wright Denies Rumors of Involvement in Murder

lorenzen-wright-ex-wife-sherra-wright-denies-rumors-of-involvement-in-murderMemphis, Tn. – The former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife Sherra wright has hired a defense attorney in hopes of dispelling rumors that she was somehow involved in his death.

On Sunday, after police combed through the 39-year-old Sherra wright’s home, many people jumped to the conclusion that Sherra was a suspect and there were even rumors that she had been taken into custody. Her defense attorney Coleman Garret spoke on his client’s behalf to local station WPTY.

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Garrett told WPTY: “I just assume it is part of the routine investigation. They’re looking for clues, they’re looking for evidence. They’re trying to find answers, and that would be one of the logical things to do, to search any premises where Lorenzen was last known to be.” — Furthermore, Sherra Wright was never arrested.

Garret client does not plan to address the public on or off camera, nor will she be present when he speaks on her behalf, he told WPTY.

“We think the best thing for her to do is just take care of her children and maintain a low profile,” Garrett told the station. “Until the Police Department and homicide can do their job and maybe they’ll give us some answers.”

CBS affiliate WREG previously spoke to Gail Mathes, Sherra’s divorce lawyer, who said, “There is a rumor out there that she was involved in the killing of Mr. Wright, which is absolutely false.” He described their divorce as amicable, and said that Sherra “wanted the children to be involved with their father and she needs or needed his financial help.”

Caroline Black (CBS News) contributed this news.

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