Chris Brown Denied to Comment on Rihanna and Eminem Love The Way You Lie Music Video

chris-brown-denied-to-comment-on-rihanna-and-eminem-love-the-way-you-lie-music-videoAmerican singer Chris Brown has brushed off questions about Eminem and Rihanna’s new music video for Love the Way You Lie, has broken the YouTube record for hit 20 million views.

In this music video Megan Fox and Lost star Dominic Monaghan trapped in an abusive relationship. Director Joseph Kahn himself told MTV that he knew abusive relationship is a very sensitive issue for Eminem, Rihanna and their ex-lovers since they had gone through that situation.

Brown was promoting his new movie Takers when he was quizzed by E! News about the video which features his ex-girlfriend Rihanna on vocals. He was confronted by the reporter about his insight regarding the domestic violence-themed music video.

But the star refused to answer any questions and his representative soon asked the journalist to ask something else.”These are fictional characters in my head but obviously based on real human beings.”

“I had actually, like last year, been working with Chris Brown … so I’m in the middle of all this stuff, and I have to be very, very careful with how I tread. But ultimately, if you really look at the video, it’s not about anybody in particular. … It’s a story specific to two characters I created.”

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