Taylor Swift Romance with Toby Hemingway

taylor-swift-romance-with-toby-hemingwayTaylor Swift has been gallivanting around Maine with British actor Toby Hemingway. The Love Story singer Taylor Swift has been spending time with the “Black Swan” star Toby Hemingway as she prepares for the release of her upcoming music video, “Mine,” on tonight’s live CMT special, source said.

Insiders are buzzing that Toby Hemingway, who romances Taylor Swift in the video, will also join her for the TV special. When we asked her rep if we should expect a real-life smooch, she said, “We don’t comment on Taylor’s personal life.”

Taylor Swift — who has previously dated Jonas Brothers rocker Joe Jonas and Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner — recently insisted she’s too busy for a boyfriend.

“There’s a lot to distract me from dating,” she said back in April. “I don’t really sit around and wallow in being alone. It’s in my comfort zone, being single.

“I feel that a lot happens to you when you’re not looking for it, so I’m not actively looking. I don’t have a problem with being single.

“All my friends in high school would always go from boyfriend to boyfriend and they were never alone because they hated being alone. I never want to be that way.”

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