Drake and Nicki Minaj Dating and Marriage News

drake-and-nicki-minaj-dating-and-marriage-newsDrake and Nicki Minaj dating and marriage news are hit on the web. People interested about Drake and Nicki Minaj dating and marriage news.

Drake and Nicki Minaj Married!

According to buzztab, Drake and Nicki Minaj Dating’….is this true or a fake act? This is what everybody is thinking over! But when one sees the tweets of both the rappers, it automatically gets proved that they have tied the knot. Both stars have tweeted yesterday on their Twitter accounts that they are married.

Their representatives have denied the reports saying they are together but not married yet. The reports say that the two Drake and Nicki Minaj have been dating since quite some time now. Both have been spotted together at many places.

The two are in love that is for sure but the marriage confirmation (though they themselves confirmed it) will soon come out in the media.

Thus the trend ‘Drake and Nicki Minaj Dating’ seems quite strapping and authenticated.

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