Taylor Swift Mine Official Video Buzzing in Web

taylor-swift-mine-official-video-buzzing-in-webTaylor Swift Mine official video buzzing in web. What do you think about Taylor Swift’s new single “Mine” has an official music video to go along with it?

Taylor Swift’s Mine Official Video definitely a more grown-up love story than some of Country winner singer’s earlier hits.

Taylor Swift Mine Music Video – Watch Here

“Mine” is the first single off her forth-coming album “Speak Now,” which is due out Oct. 25. The confirmed track titles so far include “Speak Now,” “Sparks Fly,” “Mine,” “The Story of Us” and “Back to December.” There is no word as to whether Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer cameo in “The Story of Us.” “Speak Now” is Swift’s third album in her young career. Her self-titled debut dropped in October 2006 and her second album “Fearless” in November 2008.

Taylor Swift Mine Official Video clip is very nice but it is rare to have a 20 year artist talking about marriage and family in one of their songs much less implementing these beautiful things in a video clip.

Taylor Swift “Mine” Video Shoot (Youtube):

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