Barack Obama Playing The India Card

American  President Barack Obama’s public statements in Mumbai praising Islamabad’s efforts against terrorists and reminding India of its stake in Pakistan’s long-term stability are no surprise. However, they will reinforce a residual concern in New Delhi that the US leader continues to see India as a card to play in a large Afpak poker game.

Oregon Governor Race Become A Tight Challange

In Oregon governor race, Democrat John Kitzhaber and Republican Chris Dudley hold their finger for the final result.Both of this politicians spend a big amount of money for the campaign. Republican Chris Dudley have a lead over Democrat John Kitzhaber in Oregon’s election.

Barack Obama Makes It Official: Rahm Emanuel Resigned and Pete Rouse New White House Chief of Staff

President Barack Obama has made official the news that’s been known for days: Rahm Emanuel, his hard-charging chief of staff, has resigned.

Barack Obama Signs Small Business Bill into Jobs Act: White House (Video)

White House: “I’m thrilled to be here on what is an exciting day,” said the President Barack Obama as he prepared to sign the Small Business Jobs Act this afternoon.  With small business owners who will receive tax breaks and better access to credit in the audience, the President explained to everybody why he has fought so […]

Senate Passes Small Business Bill

The Senate passed a long-stalled measure on Thursday that would boost lending to small businesses, giving President Barack Obama’s Democrats one of their last chances before November elections they are working to revive the sluggish economy.

Barack Obama Calls for Day of Service on 9/11 Anniversary of World Trade Center

President Barack Obama is asking the country to observe the Sept. 11 anniversary as a day of “service and remembrance.” He says Americans should find a way to serve their fellow citizens and rekindle the spirit of unity and common purpose felt in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks.

Barack Obama Backs Ground Zero Mosque – slams Pastor Terry Jones

September 11 – Amid the raging row over Quran burning and the Ground Zero mosque, President Barack Obama yet again backed controversial plans to build an Islamic centre in New York.