Lakers 2010 Championship Ring Ceremony Youtube Video

The Lakers 2010 went to celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills for the second-straight year to do the rings, which features each individual player’s face but not only that, each ring has a piece of the ball from the historic Game 7 battle against the Boston Celtics. Lakers 2010 Championship Ring ceremony youtube video check […]

Rihanna & Katy Perry Cirque du Soleil Photos

On September 18, Rihanna treats her BFF Katy Perry to the gravity-defying production of “Ka” by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Unemployment Extension Benefits Checks 2010

The states which asked the unemployed to continue for signing up for the benefits when the unemployment extension benefits was at a stalemate in Congress will most likely that some of the computers used for the unemployment claims benefit program are old, in fact that the average age of these computers is more than 22 […]

Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5 Petition Rises: Jobless Benefits Legislation and 99ers Demand

Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5 Petition: Tier 5,the unemployment extension bill could help 99ers to get benefits crucial of their financial survival – if it is existed on their demands. The recent unemployment benefits legislation could have made its way through Capital Hill only it extends the time of filling the file for the tiers […]

Unemployment Benefits Extension Become Another Waiting Game To Get Paid For Few States

The unemployment benefits extension is going through a long term process and become another waiting game of getting paid for few states. Now this time the unemployed wait for the money they owed to them through this recent bill. Each of the states has its own pace to release the money and this is the […]

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Attend ‘Salt’ Premiere in LA Pictures or Photos Gallery

Hollywood super star Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was finally able to sit back and enjoy the Los Angeles, California premiere of her latest film, “Salt,” on Monday night and she after months and months of hard work.

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy’s Husband Found Dead

Simon Monjack, 39, husband of the widower of actress Brittany Murphy was found dead on Sunday night at his home in Hollywood Hills, California.