Nissan Recall More Than 2 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Nissan Recall: The Giant Motor Vehicles Company “Nissan Motors” recall their vehicles for engine problem. Nissan will recall 761,528 vehicles in North America.The automobile company recalled 834,759 vehicles in Japan because of the fault of their engines to stall while running. In Canada and the US combined, 762,000 units are being recalled.

Toyota Recall October 2010 List- Hits Lexus Models

Worldwide and biggest automobile industry Toyota announced their recall list of this past year and it’s also called Toyota Recall October 2010. More than 1.5 million cars worldwide, 30,000 in Australia and more then 750,00 in the United States (US) be recalled by Toyota, the World’s largest car manufacturer in order to fix a brake […]

Shia LaBeouf is Torn About Losing Megan Fox from Transformers 3 and Gaining Rose Huntington-Whitely

Shia LaBeouf is torn about losing Megan Fox from the Transformers 3 and gaining his new leading lady Rose Huntington-Whitely, according to examiner.

Toyota Recall Involves 1.1 Million Corollas and Corolla Matrixes

Toyota recall involves 1.1 million Corollas and Corolla Matrixes, whose engines may stall because of faulty components. Toyota is recalling 1.1 million Corollas and Corolla Matrixes sold in North America because improperly manufactured electronic control modules could, in limited instances, cause the engines to stall while the cars are moving.

Toyota Sells 1 Million Hybrids in Japan

The first mass production hybrid vehicle, the Prius, came from Toyota in the late 1990s. The Prius was soon joined by several other hybrid vehicles in the Japanese market including larger SUVs and vehicles aimed at commercial use. Today, Toyota offers hybrid cars from its luxury brand Lexus in the U.S. along with the Prius, […]

BMW Art Car: From 1975 To 2010 Youtabe Video

Go behind the history of the BMW Art Car. The first BMW Art Car was by famous artist Alexander Calder — painted in 1975, the idea that art and racing could be intertwined was introduced by French race car driver and auctioneer, Herve Poulain, who enlisted the services of renowned artist Alexander Calder to personalize […]

Ford Motor Company Plans To Remove Mercury Brand

Ford Motor Co. will cease production of its 72-year-old Mercury brand by the end of 2010 after years of declining sales and investment plummet. Mercury vehicles often were little more than rebadged Fords, and sales declined since 1993. Perhaps Mercury’s best vehicles came in the 1960s, when Cougars, Comets and Marauders rumbled down the road […]