Hannah Montana Forever Background

Hannah Montana Forever is the soundtrack album for the fourth and last season of the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana, which first aired in July 2010. In the television series and film, American recording artist and actress Miley Cyrus portrays Miley Stewart, a girl with a secret double life as pop star Hannah Montana. […]

Miley Cyrus ‘Who Owns My Heart’ Lyrics and YouTube Video

Hannah Montana star’s song ” Who Owns My Heart” video has officially premiered. It is evident that she is changing her tune these days. With her new song, 17-year-old is not only going for the electro-pop sound. But she is wearing less clothes than normal.

Miley Cyrus Denies Wedding and Boobjob Rumors: YouTube Video

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus released a 10-minute-long video on YouTube this week regarding several recent rumors swarming the press. She discussed rumors about her and her on-again/off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who is not living with her. There are also no plans for marriage in the near future.

Miley Cyrus Moves On “Hannah Montana” Starts Final Season

Four years ago Miley Cyrus was a young unknown making her debut on a Disney Channel comedy series, “Hannah Montana” with her real-life father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus playing her dad on the show.

Miley Cyrus Big Big Bang Music Video Kissing Another Man ?

Miley Cyrus while filming her new video for ‘Big Big Bang’ was “very weird”. The actor told MTV News that he was uncomfortable filming the intimate scenes with the 17-year-old as her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth was present during the shoot, along with his own partner.

Miley Cyrus Dedicated Romantic Song to Her Ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas

Last Saturday, Miley Cyrus performed in Lisbon, Portugal for an excited crowd of kids, tween and teens. In this concert she dedicated a romantic song her ex-flame Nick Jonas.

Miley Cyrus Wraps Up Hannah Montana Party Without Her Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus celebrated the end of Hannah Montana by throwing a casino-themed wrap party on May 16. She looked so happy when the DJ played ‘Party in the USA,’” a source tells “When the hit came on, she sang to her song and danced through the crowd.”

Miley Cyrus is New Version of Britney Spears!

Hannah Montana sensation Miley Cyrus has been slowly shedding her tween-idol image in preparation to enter the very adult world of show business. Recent racy acts have many questioning if she’s morphing into a hybrid of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, both of whom also went from super sweet Disney child starlets to severely troubled […]