Demi Lovato Rehab: She Quits Tour, Enters Treatment Center

Disney star Demi Lovato has shut down her Twitter account, abandoned her post on The Jonas Brothers’ concert tour, and checked into rehab for treatment for “emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time.”

Firesheep Firefox Add-On Hijacks Twitter and Facebook

If you didn’t already know that plain HTTP sessions are utterly insecure, here’s proof: A new Firefox addin named Firesheep captures sessions on open Wi-Fi networks and goes one step more sinister. It finds users logged into Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Evernote, WordPress, Flickr, and more, and lets you take over their sessions […]

I Like It On Facebook Status Update: I Like It On The Floor, Couch, My Desk, Kitchen Counter, Table & More

I like it on facebook statu, I like it on the floor, I like it on the couch, I like it on my desk, i like it in the closet, I like it on the kitchen counter, I like it on the kitchen table… you may have seen some of these Facebook status updates today.

Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN: Now What Happens to His Twitter Handle?

CNN’s (now former) daytime anchor Rick Sanchez is a prolific social media presence, with more than 145,000 followers on Twitter and more than 6,000 Tweets. Now that he’s been fired from CNN, the question bouncing around Twitter and media circles focuses on what exactly is going to happen to his Twitter account and his handle […]

Twitter Hack Opens Popups Causes Havoc Virus

NEW YORK (AP) — A new way to cause mischief quickly spread through short-messaging service Twitter on Tuesday morning before the site could fix the problem, as mysterious “tweets” of blocked-out text propagated themselves and caused popup windows to open.

Lara Dutta Engaged With Her Boyfriend Mahesh Bhupathi

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta, 32, gets engaged to her long time boyfriend Mahesh Bhupathi. The Indian Tennis ace Bhupati confirmed this news by tweeting on twitter, “So @DuttaLara and me got engaged in NY last week. It’s official now.”

Lisa Rinna Bikini Twitter Photos & Pictures Gallery

Hollywood actress Lisa Rinna tweeted her bikini picture on her twitter account following Demi Moore. When she took her photo at bathroom for her twitter account, she wore an animal print tiny bikini and sunglasses.